This Time, Germans Can Prevent a World War if They Want!

Joe Biden’s push for all-out war against Russia has ramped up into overdrive. Are we on the verge of a major land war in Europe?


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The Biden administration's plans call for Ukraine to attack Russia with heavy weapons soon.

The gloves are off on both sides. High explosives will be deployed and high human casualties expected on both sides. Russia will respond accordingly.

It is still unclear how NATO will react, officially and unofficially. But insiders assume NATO will then enter the war. Everyone can imagine what the consequences will be for the people of Germany and Europe.

NATO soldiers have been assuming strategic positions for a long time, and not just on NATO territory. Drones and planes have been flying and taking off from Ramstein AB in Germany for quite some time, and are actively involved in the preparations for war and more. The political and military leadership in Russia is aware of this, too.

A war like this is not a spontaneous decision. A war like this takes a long time to prepare. And the preparations on the part of the USA appear to be almost complete.

In this war, President Joe Biden does not care about freedom and democracy. What the Biden administration wants is to eliminate Russia from the world stage as a global player. It's the Great Game of the 21st Century. What the Biden administration wants is to maintain the position of the USA as the premiere superpower of the world, at all costs.

It also seeks to permanently separate Germany and Europe from Russia. And it's also about making Germany dependent on US energy, which means a lot of money for the US companies involved. This war is a business model for friends of Joe Biden.

Preparations to eliminate Russia as a global player have been underway since 1996. Angela Merkel already knew it. And Olaf Scholz knows it today, too. Since then, the US has been waging a hybrid war against Russia to implement regime change in Moscow and appropriate its raw materials, as well as eliminate Russia as a competitor on the global stage. This hybrid war was only interrupted by the Trump administration, which wanted peace and negotiations instead of war.

Can Germany stop this war?

Germany can stop this war by deliberately obstructing the Biden administration's avenues for war, and re-assuming its historic role as a peace broker through negotiation and the search for a fair, balanced solution.

The Scholz government can stop playing Biden's vassal and use its power as a sovereign state to remove the preconditions in Germany for a US war.

Scholz is a weak chancellor. But for the dramatic events we are experiencing, he is perhaps the lesser evil compared to the other bellicose and exchangeable political cutouts – foreign minister Baerbock, economics minister Habeck, finance minister Lindner, Christian Democrat head Merz or Bavarian governor Söder.

 If any one of them were chancellor today, all hope for peace in Ukraine and for Europe would be lost.

If Scholz is unable to muster the strength to stand up for peace, it is time the Germans did so themselves. It's time for the Germans to take up the banner of peace and line the streets, demanding liberty and peace. Every citizen must stand up and be heard, contact their local politicians, mayors, councilors, representatives, ministers and the German chancellor to  request they immediately seek peace in Ukraine. 

The drive for liberty and peace can only come from us citizens now.

If this doesn’t happen, the Ukraine war and the battlefield will come to Western Europe and to Germany. Scholz knows that.

That way, another global competitor can be cast from the global playing field: Germany and Europe.

It is no coincidence that the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines were sabotaged this week. That kind of operation takes planning and calculation.

What is happening today is devised and carried out by ruthless people, who are nothing like you and me. Only if we citizens stand up now can we prevent the catastrophe and a land war in Europe.

Are you ready? I am.

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Gravatar: g wiltek

This is sobering thoughts coming from Germany.
I too think if we don't start acting like human beings, we will be under the American whip forever. Europe is being treated like an American colony.
And there seems little to no intention on part of the Europeans to change that.
The political class has been bought and bribed.

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