Why is Angela Merkel Destroying Germany?

Why is Angela Merkel torturing, abusing and destroying Germany with lies, propaganda, defamation and repression, with lockdowns and fear-mongering, with the isolation and imprisonment of its citizens? For the good of the people? No. The reason is the Great Reset.


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For almost a year, we have been experiencing the greatest fraud and abuse of power in Germany since WW II. Initially, they told us the COVID China virus would be the worst pandemic of our lifetime, threatening everyone's life and spelling almost certain death. However, the actual facts and figures show that excess mortality in 2020 was not significantly higher than in the previous five years.

At first, Angela Merkel did not want to close the borders at all. Donald Trump was a racist for closing the borders to China, while flights kept arriving in Europe from China until March. They also told us masks are no use, and could even be harmful to you health, as Merkel's Central Committee said.

Then all of a sudden, the Zeitgeist changed: COVID was suddenly seen as an opportunity for a gigantic political upheaval. The globalist elite in Silicon Valley, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the United Nations, the Chinese Communist Party and, of course, Merkel's German government recognized the opportunity for a new political start, a Great Reset.

A new beginning that promises heaven on earth – with no more freedom and no more private property, ruled by a neo-Marxist elite that relies on the money and technology of Western billionaires: a fake paradise modeled on the Chinese example.

It is an historic opportunity to end the existing order and freedom of the Western world so despised by left-wing ideologues, and to create a completely different New World Order. A new order in which the moral ideals and aspirations of the free world, such as human dignity, liberty, human rights, freedom of speech, the self-determination of nations, democracy and the rule of law no longer apply.

The World Economic Forum Prepares the World Elite for the Great Reset

Merkel's confidante Klaus Schwab, spokesman for the globalist elite as head of the Davos World Economic Forum, has come out publicly, calling the COVID crisis an opportunity for political change. This Great Reset was the main topic of the 2021 World Economic Forum.

A worldwide effort to destroy the existing order is now underway. The United Nations (UN) World Health Organization (WHO) is its most visible international puppet master. Mainstream media spread fear and propaganda. Governments officially mandate »social distancing« and mask-wearing. Shops, schools, recreational and entertainment venues are shut down. Freedom of contact, movement and profession is restricted, and people are locked in their homes. Anyone who resists is punished.

Other opinions, scientific arguments, dissenting doctors, protests by regular people and the political opposition are discredited by Angela Merkel's propaganda machine and memory-holed out of the public eye. Protests are broken up by force. Criticism is censored. Critics are punished with all available means, up to and including the destruction of their professional existence.

International air traffic is made extremely difficult or shut down completely, as is international freight transport. The Merkel lockdown is a tragedy for small and mid-size companies, but a billion-dollar bonanza for Big Tech and the globalists, who are cornering whole markets and securing global monopolies. The billionaires are the biggest profiteers, while regular citizens lose their livelihoods.

Merkel's Policy of Destruction

Merkel's shills and lackeys call this policy of destruction the New Normal. The New Normal is propagated and disseminated by Big Tech and the globalist elite and held up by their power apparatus as the New Social Compact. This New Normal, implemented by government and Big Tech monopolies, is made possible by massive scare propaganda on the one hand, and on by censorship of a type never seen before in history on the other hand. Freedom of expression is abolished.  The people are riled up against each other according to the principle of »divide and conquer.« Supporters and opponents of COVID measures are played off against each other, creating and politically exploiting the division.

The New Normal is nothing less than the destruction of the existing liberal order, and thus the values of the West. Our Western community of values, based on Judeo-Christian tradition and Western Enlightenment, is at stake, threatened as before by other enemies of freedom, such as Communists and National Socialists.

The Destruction of the Identity and Values of the Free World

This spirit of destruction, Merkel promotes blazes the trail for a neo-Marxist ideology and world-view that seeks to destroy any historically evolved identity and nature of the world. It is nothing short of the destruction of the foundational identity and values of the Free World. Our Western identity and values no longer have any place in this New World Order. We are already experiencing these restrictions imposed on us every day. They are to be our New Normal.

The neo-Marxist order and ideology wants to destroy and overcome every inherited identity and structure of human life. This culture of destruction is the ideological blueprint, Angela Merkel's political guide. We have already seen it in action on the subjects of family, gender, nation, religion, etc.

In the New Normal, the focus is no longer on protecting our freedom and our basic rights, as in a free, democratic system of law. Instead, the neo-Marxist ideology brings destruction upon us, driven by the lackeys and bureaucrats of the new tyranny. This ideology and its henchmen are the cornerstone of the New Normal, the foundation of the New World Order.

The super-bureaucrats and ideologues of this neo-totalitarian Marxism, who are more equal than others, do not tolerate any other opinion, argument or scientific evidence in politics, science or public debate. On the contrary: they persecute and censor dissent by all means. Dissidents are punished and discredited.

Merkel’s imprisonment of her own people - often referred to as Lockdown by the mainstream media, to downplay its totalitarian nature - is necessary to implement the New Normal and this culture of destruction. The destruction of nations and societies are the prerequisites for the establishment of a New World Order that is hostile to our liberal Western world. This transition to a neo-Marxist world order is being couched as the New Normal by the globalist elites and their propaganda arm, the Mainstream Media.

Merkel's Regime Serves the Global Elite

Merkel is the political figurehead of the globalist elite in Germany and the EU. She is implementing the destruction of the existing order by locking up her citizens in order to implement the Great Reset the global elites need. These are the same elites who, in the past 30 years, have accrued unprecedented wealth thanks to Bill Clinton’s repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act separating investment and commercial banks, and through the central bank policy of cheap money. At the same time, the purchasing power of ordinary citizens and their living standards have declined steadily, while society has drifted apart more and more.

By abolishing the segregated banking system, the financial institutions of the globalist elite were able to buy commercial banks and merge them with their financial institutions, something that was previously prohibited, for good reason. Through these commercial banks, they were able to obtain almost infinite funds from central banks in the form of loans for the purchase of financial products and speculation.

Commercial banks are the only institutions legally allowed to receive loans from central banks and pass them on to citizens and businesses, in order to drive the real-world economy and keep currencies stable.

After the abolition of Glass-Steagall, however, this credit liquidity was no longer used to maintain the real economy, but as play money for speculation by the financial institutions of the globalist elites. This flow of money to financial institutions and global elites brought an almost infinite expansion of the money supply, which grew nine-fold since Clinton.

This means that for every unit of money in the real world, there is now over nine times the amount of money in the form of financial products. Money which is basically worthless and uncovered, but which the speculators have to repay as loans.

These loans are usually serviced by new loans from the central banks through their own commercial banks, or, if that no longer works, through the so-called rescue packages that Angela Merkel and her government are organizing for the globalist elite, maintaining this game of Monopoly. In the end, it is the taxpayers, i.e. all of us, who have to pay for it with our work and taxes, to maintain this Ponzi scheme.

This pyramid scheme is the largest financial bubble in world history, a bubble which is no longer controllable. As we already saw in the subprime lending crisis, this kind of financial instrument hardly has any real-world equivalent. The global elites will never have to pay back their immeasurably large loans. In addition, the increase in liquidity over the past three decades has caused inflation that has already reached tangible assets in recent years and is now more and more affecting consumer goods and thus the purchasing power of citizens.

The globalist elites have long known that this financial system can no longer be maintained much longer in this form, and that this will have immense political and social consequences.

Therefore, these elites need a solution for the bursting of their global financial bubble. Enter the Great Reset: A reboot with a new system. But first, you need a scapegoat to blame for the failure of the existing system, so the real guilty parties and profiteers of this gigantic Ponzi scheme won’t be held accountable.

The same immoral actors who have exploited and abused our free Western world to the point of excess over the past three decades, undermined the principles of the most successful liberal economic and financial order in history, and maneuvered our society and the prosperity of its citizens up against the wall are now the new moral visionaries and SJWs, who want to impose a New World Order, a New Normal of their choosing. They want to retain their power in a new guise. They want to force their vision on us with the help of Angela Merkel and Big Tech.

COVID as the Excuse for the Great Reset

The culprit in this drama is named COVID. In order to protect people from the virus, the globalist elites have imposed a so-called Lockdown, destroying the existing economic and financial order, as well as the existing social order and status quo.

At the end of this chain of destruction, whereby every historically-grown identity of human and social being is erased, stands a New World Order under the leadership of the global elite, with no guarantee of civil rights or rule of law. At the end of the New Normal and the Great Reset stands a neo-Marxist tyranny. It's a systemic revolution. In the past, it took world wars to upend the world order, today it’s a global pandemic.

It's a systemic change. Or as Klaus Schwab put it: »The Covid-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not fit anymore for the 21st century. [...] Now is the historical moment, the time, not only to fight the severe virus, but to shape the system for the need for the post-COVID era.«

Thus the Lockdown will last as long as Merkel needs to destroy the status quo in Germany, and create the conditions for the Great Reset that the globalist elites and neo-Marxists need. This will mark the beginning of a New World Order that is not only hostile to our free Western community of values, but actively seeks to end it.

Anyone who doesn’t want to wake up in such a world sooner rather than later, and doesn’t want to be a slave to the New Normal, the new totalitarian neo-Marxist social order, must face this reality squarely. We still have time to stop it. We must stand up now and fight for our freedom, for the Free World and for civilization as we know it, in our daily life and everywhere we can. The time to act is now.

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