Merkel prepares Germany for the "Great Reset"

Merkel is leaving behind a desert of rubble: debts, high tax burdens, high electricity prices, German industry in decline, an ailing economy, empty pension funds, and the destruction of liberal civil rights. She is thus preparing the country for the “Great Reset”, the great new beginning.


Merkel’s government has destroyed what the postwar generation created in terms of values. Not so long ago, Germany was a flourishing liberal democratic model country in Europe. That is now in the past. Thanks to Merkel.

What has Merkel brought us? State finances are ruined. Germany’s debt and tax burden are the highest of the OECD countries. German citizens have pledged the other EU states around one trillion euros. Because of the “energy turnaround”, electricity prices have gone through the roof. German industry is in decline. We are no longer a high-tech country. Know-how is migrating to Asia. There is rising inflation, which every citizen feels in his or her wallet. No common employee can seriously consider buying an apartment or a house today. Opening the borders has also changed the demography of Germany and with it internal security: the number of violent attacks has increased; women and children can no longer walk safely through the streets in the evening after dark.

Now follow the totalitarian anti-corona measures of the Merkel government: Gastronomy and large parts of the economy are in need. Liberal civil rights are more and more restricted. Censorship, denunciation, and fear are spreading. Citizens are losing confidence in the rule of law.

How should the damage that the Merkel government has brought to Germany be measured in numbers? The numeric sums remind us of the end of the Second World War. The damage will be felt long term when our children and grandchildren and future generations will have to pay off the debts of the Merkel government and inflation will reduce the standard of living of many people in Germany.

The elites are planning the "Great Reset"

Merkel’s policy is in line with the destructive plans of the globalist elites. They freely and openly declare annually at the World Economic Forum, at the United Nations, and other international bodies that they will exploit the Corona crisis to initiate the “Great Reset”, the great new beginning. Or as Biden put it: the Great Transformation.

They want to completely restructure the economy and society. They want more surveillance, global subjugation, and the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which will destroy the free individual and exposes him to transhumanism. They want us to break away from oil, have fewer children, abandon the classic family model, bow to gender mania, throw our citizenship and Christian values overboard, and submit to the new power structure. The goal of gender ideology is the destruction of the family as the nucleus of society. The goal of climate ideology is the dissolution of private property, and thus the independence of the citizen from state and global interests. The goal of the destruction of the nation and the sovereignty of peoples is the dissolution of the power of identity of people as a community and thus of the spiritual power of people themselves.

The market economy should give way to green socialism. There is to be a new start for state and corporate capitalism, as we can already see in China. The economy is to be directed globally, all areas of life are to be ideologized and a large-scale redistribution of the wealth of ordinary people is to be carried out.

Under the guise of “green infrastructure”, the market is to be steered in the future by “ecological, social, and governance indicators” in order to achieve supposedly “fair results”. Cooperation between the state and the private sector in the Corona crisis, i.e. a new form of planned economy is to become a model for the entire economy.

This program means the end of the free market economy and liberal democracy and the rule of law.

We need resistance and reconstruction

This attack on our freedom and our civil rights by Merkel and the globalists must now be averted by a collective front. 2021 will be a fateful year. There will be numerous state elections as well as the federal elections. This will be the time in which bourgeois resistance will bring about the turnaround. We therefore want to mobilize a broad grassroots movement to initiate the reconstruction of our beautiful homeland. Citizens want justice and freedom, peace and prosperity for now and the future. For this we will fight.

After the Merkel government and the Corona crisis, we will need a new beginning, a reconstruction, in the spirit of Ludwig Erhard at the time of the German economic miracle. We need more sovereignty for our country and all her peoples, more legal security for our citizens, a stable and reliable currency, the reduction of bureaucracy, the lowering of taxes and duties, as well as a strengthening of civil liberties, and the restoration of freedom of opinion and freedom of the press. All this will be necessary to finally have a truly functioning democracy again. The ideological incapacitation of citizens must finally be stopped.

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