Coup Watch: Trump is resisting plans to remove him from office

The White House's Sets Up Legal Action Against the Coup

Democrats and parts of the US establishment are developing every conceivable plan to prevent Trump from being re-elected or to remove him from office. But the White House is taking countermeasures.

Foto: The White House, Public domain

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You were probably chilling during your Covid Summer Staycation when, in a Daliesque MSNBC skype interview, Hilary Clinton laid out Trump's plan for stealing the election. It was classic Saul Lewinsky psychological projection, "Let me tell you what Trump is up to (which is actually what we are doing) so he can't accuse us of doing it."

Gaslighting away, the wife of Epstein Island Bill said :

"Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances."

That means even if Donald Trump wins.

Hilary simply made public what many have suspected or known since 2016:

Powerful political and economic forces, desperate to unseat the man and the movement bringing peace to the planet, unleashed a domestic Color Revolution like we've seen in Ukraine.. They crow about in in their flagship publications.

It's being staged by elements in the Democratic Party, their media enablers, foreign governments and a slew of anti-western NGO's claiming to occupy the moral high ground.

Its goal: delegitimize, disable, and finally arrest and imprison a serving US president on false charges.
The rolling Coup is underway to ensure Donald Trump never serves a second term.

Why have they pulled off the masks and gloves now? Because they suspect Trump is on the path to electoral victory. Which means they could be the ones in the dock.

So Hilary, other liberal leaders, and thousands of operatives have mobilized behind the Transition Integrity Project in their final push to unseat Trump before he can begin a second term.
You can read their plan here.

In this special series, I will explain who's behind and facilitating the coup, their connections to communist China, their global networks and alliances, and what we can do to stop them and bring them to justice.
China's electoral manipulation and signs of Chinese military funding of Democrat politicians has long been the focus on congressional investigations.)

Expect justice to be served following the ultimate victory of the Will of the People on November 3rd.
Together, we will be watch and document
an act of rebellion and insurrection in its final stages, one that appears to have begun under the previous administration and that will be reaching its final and violent spasms between now and Inauguration Day on January 20th.

Sadly, it may continue after President Donald J. Trump assumes his second term in office. Knowing that We the People will demand justice against the coup organizers and backers, at home and abroad, they will scatter and flee to coup friendly countries or engage in a rearguard action and low-level insurgency. But they will lose. Because the American people are waking up to them. We are on their trail And so are an increasing number of people around the world, thanks to sites like this one not afraid to flow the truth no matter where it leads.

In a major salvo against the Coup, the White House has announced it is laying the groundwork to cut off the funding for, and perhaps even criminally charge,the mayors of four cities (and their administrative aids) that have been Ground Zero for the Coup: Washington D.C., New York City, Seattle, and Portland. Read the presidential memorandum here. This lays the groundwork for indictments.

No wonder, the Mayor of New York, Mario Cuomo, is sounding afraid.

He is about to be exposed. There are strong indications that leading liberal Americans like him, in these four cities and others, are being aided in their attempt to destroy the constitutional republic with help from China.

We will explore these connections and more in the days ahead.
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[Milvio is an American journalist and free speech campaigner covering American politics and international affairs]

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