Coup Watch: The Constitution Versus the Coup

Attorney General Barr Declares War on the Administrative State

The Rolling Coup in the Land of the Free has been put on notice. If you have joined the putsch attempt against Donald Trump, whether at home or abroad, you are being watched and will not escape justice.

Foto: The United States Department of Justice / Public domain

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The Rolling Coup in the Land of the Free has been put on notice. If you have joined the putsch attempt against Donald Trump, whether at home or abroad, you are being watched and will not escape justice.
To be sure, the coup plotters and their operatives are powerful. They've been well connected and funded for years and believe they are far above the common man and his vote.

They are wrong. Billionaire Bloomyboy is finding that out in Florida. America is not the China nor the Russia he would like it to be. Not yet.

And it's going to be getting hotter for Bloomy, Hilarious, Obamski, and their minions and backers.The Second Most Powerful Man in the World just put them on notice. Attorney General William Barr has publically underscored his warning in an address at Hillsdale College, America's great bastion of the US Constitution and the rule of law: "The Supreme Court has correctly held that," he said, "under Article II of the Constitution, the Executive has virtually unchecked discretion to decide whether to prosecute individuals for suspected federal crimes."

In effect, he is saying: "I, along with President Trump, will decide who gets investigated and indicted for their role in the coup against the American people."

No one else. He is taking responsibility. He is leading.

In his speech, he explains why it is not the Department of Justice's career prosecutors that will be making this call, but him. You can watch his full speech here.

What is the administrative state?

The "permanent bureaucracy" as Barr called it in his speech, is also known as the "administrative state."

It is a piece of vast machinery, made up of millions of federal employees that enacts and executes governmental power. The young American Republic waged war against the administrative state, back then in the form of the British Empire.

They knew it would reconstitute one day on our own shores and that it would need to be contained.

Hence they enshrined the separation of powers and the rule of law to do just that. But over time these have grown weak and, according to Barr, the administrators and the public have been led to believe that justice is best served by career bureaucrats rather than those elected (Trump) and appointed (Barr) to lead and manage the Department of Justice.

But career bureaucrats at the Department of Justice can negate the separation of powers, he argues, and claim unelected power for themselves, their influencers and supporters.
Unaccountable power.

He quotes former AG Henry Jackson who said: "Governmental power without accountability is tyranny."

Think Mandarins. Satraps. Brahmins. Think unelected officers of the British Empire administering Boston. We have been here before.
Barr embodies the will of the people and their power to hold the administrative state accountable.

It is a signal of what Barr may be planning behind the scenes to coral and rope the latest iterations of those who would use the federal bureaucracy for their own ends and not for those expressly sought by the electorate.

Make no mistake, those who subvert the constitution are traitors.

And We the People demand they be held accountable.

And will be watching AG Barr to ensure he does just that.

Our War Against the Coup

This monumental struggle we are engaged in, our war against the coup being assisted by elements in the administrative state, is similar to the one we waged against the British Empire, against Hitler, and against Stalin.

The coup is playing out on the streets of our burning Blue State cities, now declared by the DOJ to be anarchic zones subject to federal law. The coup is also unfolding in the media and in the board rooms in Silicon Valley.

Once its full scope is made clear to the American and international public, the people will demand justice. Because this attack on the US constitution is an attack on freedom everywhere. especially in countries like Germany and France, where historic forces towards centralized government have been reactivated and accelerated, placing the freedom of the press, religion, and free assembly under pressure.
Europe should be listening closely to Barr's watershed speech.

The EU too is facing its own threat from an administrative state convinced of its own iinfallibility.

Today, Europe and America are united again in confronting this grave threat to our inalienable rights to life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Attorney General Barr needs your support to help us stay free. We are in this together.

Write Barr an email in your own language. Call his office. Let him know you are aware of the coup against the constitution and that you want its planners and their enablers held accountable. Pray for him.
Tweet, like, and share this message. And support websites like this one that boldly proclaims the truth.

By Ben Culper,  American patriot, journalist and farmer. Copyright Sept. 23, 2020. All rights reserved.

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