Find the Way to Self-Confidence and Motivation

Just look around and you will see lots of people seeking for some kind of motivation or thrill. They have read something; they are just using their homemade techniques. Maybe you have also seen someone even better than yours, better looking, better talking, more successful.


How can we achieve this feeling of being better? How can we achieve the goal of being motivated and successful? How can we get self-confident enough to seize the opportunity and be on top of the game? There are several ways and answers. The main answer is: self-improvement. In fact self-improvement is not just anything you can do or not do; self-improvement is the crucial factor and behavior to ignite motivation.

In fact people will grant you that you have to improve yourself some way or another. Self-improvement is an accepted and required behavior. But if we dig into it there is often nothing more than words. How many people do you know, who are really and severely tackling the task of improving themselves? I guess you will only come across very few. This is because self-improvement is no walk in the park. It’s hard work, accompanied by fear, doubts and a lot of sweat. If you chose following the path of self-improvement you have to be a survivor. Self-improvement in fact isn’t the mainstream thing often believed to be.  By the way, what do you think of taking risks?

Many people shun taking risks. Are you part of them? I hope not. Avoiding risks bereaves you of the most evident source of motivation and self-improvement. No risk, no motivation! It’s as simple as that.

Taking risks is the origin of all technological and political progress. This also applies to the single human being. An artist e.g. who is creative must take the risk to fail. To be willing to fail is the ultimate basis of success. If you are not willing to fail, you will be afraid of taking decisions. If you are afraid of taking decisions, you will miss your opportunities.

Let us be clear. Most of our decisions are wrong. This doesn’t matter, if we are able to learn from our failures. We have to muster up the courage to decide, even if our decisions are wrong most of the time. This perspective could be some kind of relaxing.

Risk isn’t bad, it is good. Taking risks makes us creative and helps us to overcome old habits. Risk has got a value, risk is the state of creativity. Risk is a stage we have to pass through. Risk is a reviving force which helps us rebuilding the world and our personal lives.

The mind influences the body and the body influences the mind. To get into a motivated life style it’s important to work not only your mind, but also your body. Body and soul work together, you cannot separate one from another. If you are in a motivational impasse, you can break it by body work. Just try it, you will be surprised. Mental and physical fitness is the basis of motivation.

I am engaged in the way of self-improvement for the most of my life. This is the origin of my motivation. You must take the plunge. You have to expose yourself to perils and challenges. You need also some kind of hardening. Self-improvement isn’t merely intellectual. The body is an integral part of it. If you take the plunge, if you dare to go further than most of the other people around you, if you are determined to crush your limitations you will live to see real motivation. That’s the way to go. It can be done.

written by Dr. Christian Weilmeier



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